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The law firm Archè and its lawyers (avocats) advised and represented its clients  in diverse areas of law and industries.






 Korean Embassy renovation project in Paris

➢ Jorf Lasfar construction project for phosphate handling systems in Morocco


➢ A financial consortium's acquisition of assets with 25 solar farms in France and creation of renewable energy funds

➢ EPC project for the construction and operation of solar power plants in the Provence region of France

➢ Transfer of a petrochemical business to Germany 

➢ Partnership project for the construction of an electric storage center in DOM TOM

➢ Enforcement of first demand bank guarantee by a French bank in its middle east construction project

➢ French litigation and KCBA arbitration in relation to Singapore subway construction 

➢ A French group and its Korean affiliate in construction and transportation sector for their participation in a tramway project near Seoul

➢ A French group and its Korean affiliate in construction and transportation for acquisition of two Korean civil engineering companies

➢ Renovation and opening of Paris Shangri-la Palace

➢ Contractual negotiations for the optimization of radioactive waste treatment and storage system in relation to the International Thermo-Nuclear Reactor Project in France

➢ International Thermo-Nuclear Reactor Project in France, Construction & Management contract, establishment of a JVC

➢ Offshore Floating Production Unit (FPU) Construction Project for offshore oil exploration and extraction in Congolese sea for Total. Project value US$400 mil.

➢ JV in an international Uranium mining project in Niger

➢ EPC project for a potential combined (thermal and solar) power plant project in Cote d’Ivoire

➢ Potential acquisition project of a thermal power plant from EDF, French utility company, in Egypt and related financial structuring

➢ Potential IPP project for its investment in natural resources in Indonesia and thermal power plants.

➢ Sale of supersonic trainer jets developed by Korea in cooperation with Lockeed Martin USA to Singapore air force, to be delivered to France for pilot training, with financial structuring and international tax matters in France

➢ Korean investors consortium in their financial structuring and acquisition of exploitation rights of a diamond mine in Guinea

➢ Structuring, financing and construction of luxury villas in Nice/Monaco (US$4 Bil.), the first big scale construction project in France by a Korean company

➢ Acquisition of real estate for the establishment of the Transnational Law and Business University in Ile de France

➢ Korean government’s project relating to the construction of a Korean House in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris



New Technology





➢ Representation of a Korean Broadcasting Company in an IP litigation relating to the protection of a brand for a cultural good


➢ Representation of a Korean company in an IP litigation relating to the protection of its models and design for a sunglass collection

➢ International business strategy relating to employment law for a renown Korean model and actress 

➢ Listed internet content and webtoon group in their acquisition of major stake in a French company and its daily operation

➢R&D Center acquisition and French investment, accompanied by a capital increase of 200 M

➢ Singapore based media group in its multiple acquisitions in France, India and Russia

➢ Overseas mobile business restructuring

➢ Mobile phone (watchphone) design infringement defence 

➢ Acquisition of mobile phone baseband chip and stack R&D business from a leading French telecom company accompanied by technology and personnel transfer and establishment of a R&D center

➢ Acquisition of a French satellite transmission company

➢ Asset acquisition of semiconductor production unites in French facilities

➢ Acquisition of production assets in French facility through judicial adjudication

➢ Business establishment and activities of a semiconductor group company in France

➢ Dispute and negotiations in the semiconductor and foundry business and manufacturing defect of mobile phone component

➢ Acquisition of digital camera business from a Korean Electronics company in France


➢ T'way Air after the fusion between Korean Air and Asiana

➢ Renault Samsung in its post-acquisition reorganisation of business divisions and related redundancy plan and negotiating a licensing agreement with Samsung Group

➢ Partnership for the development and production of aluminium wheels for Peugeot cars

➢ A French group and its Korean affiliate in construction and transportation for acquisition of two Korean civil engineering companies

➢ Valeo’s acquisition of equity interests in Samsung Climate Control Co. (producer of radiators for automobile and supplier of Hyundai motors) and asset/equipment transfer from Valeo’s Spanish factory to Korea production site

➢ Negotiation and contractual dispute in relation to supply of enamel coils for the production of automobile components

➢ Accompaniment in French business expansion and management: contracts, dealership, litigations, labour and European business expansion in southern European countries

➢ Potential investment in French electric car production company

➢ A Korean consortium in automobile design and engineering, composed of ex-directors of major Korean car manufacturers, in their potential investment and acquisition of production business in France for electric cars, negotiating worldwide distribution and partnership agreements for production facilities in Europe and Asia, establishment of R&D centres, design and tooling in Asia

➢  A French group and its Korean affiliate in construction and transportation sector for their participation in a tramway project near Seoul

➢ Investment and partnership  for production of electric car batteries


Luxury Brands

➢ Represented Terarosa, leading coffee brand in its establishment and business expansion in France

Acquisition of controlling equity of a French cosmetic group, including production factory and distribution networks

➢ Korean exclusive distributor of Nina Ricci brand in its negotiation of licensing agreement with PUIG group

➢ Korea textile group company in its negotiations for terminating the license agreement with Christian Dior

➢ Chinese cosmetic company in its French business expansion and daily operation

➢ Japanese major cosmetic group in its French business expansion, establishment of French affiliate and its daily commercial and corporate issues

➢ Cosmetics group in their acquisition of a French brand and French business expansion

➢ Menswear Fashion company and Korean fashion designer in their French business expansion, management, acquisition of commercial goodwill and shops, and business operations

➢ Establishment of entities and business structuring for numerous designers, cosmetic producers and exporters of luxury brand products

Establishment of a French entity and business structuring for a virtual fashion design software company  

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