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Archè advises on Naver’s France’s financing of 30 million euros, to be reinvested in startup business.

Archè advises a leading homomorphic encryption AI, quantum-resistant cryptography AI research company, led by eminent researchers of Seoul National University, in its incorporation of a French establishment and cooperation with French leading researchers.

Archè advises a UK-based fashion design company in its business transfer to France and setting up a new entity.

Archè advises an international coffee supplier and café operator in its opening of the first specialized new concept café in rue Rivoli.

Archè advises an online commerce company in its international business restructuring including inter-company share transfer and establishment of a holding company in Asia.

Archè advises a leading Kosdaq-listed dental implants and equipment manufacturer in its business expansion, with the establishment of an affiliate company in France.

Archè advises a leading supplier of intelligent automotive solutions for vehicle & ADAS System in its French business expansion.

Archè advises a fashion design software as a service developing company in its business setup in France.


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